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Cleaning Services That Will Blow You Away

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning

Who likes coming home to a dirty house? Who likes spending hours on your feet scrubbing down parts of your home? How’s it feel when you pour a whole weekend into cleaning and then the kids come tear it apart? Let us take care of cleaning your home and keeping it clean. You should live in your home, not work in it.

Bond Cleaning services

Bond Cleaning

You just spent days moving your stuff into your new home. Now you have to go back and spend another few days cleaning up the house you just got out of! Let Gold Coast Maids take care of that for you. You have better things to be doing than cleaning a house you don’t even live in anymore! Go on a picnic, surfing, whatever you like – we’ll take care of your property.

Spring Cleaning service

Spring Cleaning

The flowers are blooming bright colors, birds are chirping outside of your window, dust fills your home and it’s that time of year again. A deep spring cleaning is in the works! You want to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy the smells and the excitement that spring time brings. Let Gold Coast Maids take care of the nitty gritty Spring Cleaning.

Regular Maid Services

Regular Maid Service

Alright, you cleaned your house! You’ve finally done it, conquered the unconquerable. But then you take a second glance and realized your family, pets and visitors have made a mess again. Back to square one? Not quite! Let Gold Coast Maids preform regular cleaning services on your home. You decide how often you want us here and we’ll make sure your home is as clean as it was, well, before someone messed it up.

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