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Get Your Bond Back, Guaranteed!

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Our Bond Cleaning Services

Our flat rate, no-contract pricing allows our cleanings to be flexible and affordable. You won’t have to worry about price and you
certainly won’t need to stress about cost. Just click “Book” and get your bond back, guaranteed!

Get a Cleaned Home and Your Bond Back

You just spent days moving, preforming hard, physical labor. Now you want to go back to the house you just moved out of and clean it? I think not! Not to mention you might not even get your full bond back! Let us take care of you. We’ll clean your previous home and ensure that you get your bond back. And if your real estate agent isn’t completely satisfied, we’ll come back and work until they are. Guaranteed.

Our work follows the RTA Exit Condition Report to make sure everything is covered. We’ll invoice you through email, but only after the cleaning is completed! No worries and no stress from us, just a clean home and your bond back.

Our flat-rate pricing and no contract ensures you won’t be worrying, stressing or calculating how to avoid fees. We won’t play tricks on you – you simply pay for what you want clean! Our cleaners are insured and rigorously tested to ensure that you’re going to get the best cleaning without having to worry about the safety of your home. This is why we’re rated as the top cleaning service in the Gold Coast!

What's included in a bond cleaning?

You're 60 seconds away from a clean home